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Dot&Sales provides the most complete sell-side platform for managing ad sales across all business processes and media platforms, via any sales method. It can be customized  ‘as you need it’ to effectively manage your operations across multiple properties and channels from a single system.


Dot&Sales manages the entire ad sales cycle from offers and orders to reporting and revenue distribution among publishers and agents %. It is perfect for publishers with multiple ad servers and properties both online and offline, who need to track orders, order lines and traffic across multiple systems. Sales, ad ops and finance can unite on a single solution to simplify complex workflows, increase efficiency and drive revenue growth.

Why to use Dot&Sales


Simplify ad sales operations: centralizing key business info (catalog; inventory; sales offers and orders; discounts; rate cards; delivered data); automating order push and reporting; streamlining billing and reconciliation across print and digital multiple properties.


Increase efficiency across the entire organization: integrating with most major CRM, Adserving and accounting systems; managing sales, operations and finance workflow from a single interface.


Drive revenue growth: managing performance reports; reducing RFP response time; generate revenue forecasts; monitoring available inventory.


Use the print solution for magazines included in the system from a single user interface.


Access key performance indicators with built-in and fully customizable dashboards.

Advanced Features

Clients can be classified as advertisers or media companies. Advertiser can be linked with a specific media company. For each order it’s possible to specify both the contractor and the advertiser.

The system allows to manage account and key account companies’ portfolios in a hierarchy.

The adv sales house strategy is managed via the definition of a detailed catalogue.

Gli ordini potranno essere caricati ex-novo o trasformando una proposta in contratto soltanto con un click. The system allows to create new orders or to update a proposal into an order just with 1 click.

It’s allows to create new offers, to assign a % of sales, and to transform them in orders in just 1 click.

Revenues are monitored via a multidimensional reporting system. It’s available, also, a forecast revenues. And, sales opportunities can be evaluate via several customized dashboards.

The multidimensional reporting system allows to perform any queries about revenus, sales performances, marketing analysis, competences, publisher %, etc…

Dot&Sales can be integrated with any external system including the billing system.

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