Multichannel Adserver

Dot&Ads is the 1st local adserver in Italy used on main national properties. According to IAB volume of traffic, its second only to DFP by Google.

Dot&Ads is a multi-channel adserver delivering adv campaigns on web, video player, msite, mobile app, smart tv, set-top box, podcast, streaming radio and game console.

Dot&Ads allows to optimize the campaigns delivery according to several and innovative rules. It manages any campaigns types such us premium, behavioural, data-driven, performance, RTB, re-targeting, in-house, customized target based on publisher data (e.g. meteo targeting).

Dot&Ads supports any creative type such us Image Text, Flash, HTML, XML, Video, Rich Media, Display ads, Email, Javascript, HTML5, third-party, native advertising.

Dot&Ads optimizes placements and performance, and provide real-time analytics to ensure performance. Our dedicated ad-serving experts serve as an extension of your team to ensure your campaigns run smoothly also with several third-party integrations.

Our technology is 100% agnostic. All our platforms are flexible and capable of integrating any type of technology a customer chooses.

Reasons to choose Dot&Ads


Focus on your business strategy using a solution that adapts itself to you. Not vice-versa.


Use several digital tools under an unique platform: multichannel adserver, adv sales and order management system, and DMP.


Optimize your operations with an unique workflow via the integrations among DotAndMedia and external systems.


Count on our dedicated ad-serving experts offering technical, operative and strategic support on-site 24/7.


Do not disturb your publishers to modify web pages, inject external code (eg. Adnetwork/ profiling system) via Dot&Ads tags.


Do not disturb your publishers in order to modify web pages, inject external code (eg. Adnetwork/ profiling system) via Dot&Ads tags.

Advanced Features

Dot&Ads delivers on apps and msites using several advanced features. Via a single responsive tag it’s possible to:

  • deliver ads that fit the browser. This means that ads will look good whether visitors are using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone;
  • use the reporting system to have data detailed per device types (desktop; mobile phone, tablet, console, TV);
  • target per data of publishers/apps (eg. Meteo targeting);
  • create and deliver HTML5 banner and video;

Dot&Ads SDK MRAID for iOS and Android is VAST3.0 and VPAID compatible. Its includes a Mediation packages that lets you serve ads to your apps from multiple sources according to a priority level.

The 1° video network in Italy (after youtube) is using Dot&Ads video adserver. The integration with video players is done according to VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, VPAID or custom specs.

Dot&Ads allows to track the view of a Banner, and reports results in real-time. This feature lets discover immediately errors on publishers’ websites and monitor all positions on the network instead of a single campaign.

Dot&Ads allows to deliver targeted ads  reaching users after they have visited advertiser’s website.

Dot&Ads is 100% agnostic. It’s open to be integrated with any RTB platforms. Using the ‘smart passback’ there is no waste of imps.

Dot&Ads comes with a extended rich-media library included the most innovative HTML5 format. All formats are IAB/MMA compatible. DotAndMedia specialist are able to create any kind of new adv format.

Dot&Ads tracks and reports on in-depth metrics such as viewability and ad-blocking, geo-performance, engagement, completion rates, impressions and customized KPI. Reports are available in real-time, in xls, csv and pdf format. They can be scheduled to be delivered by email. Log files are available too.

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